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Stay up to date with issues currently on the DIL Agenda or in the general interest of the residents of Dangar Island.


All related files will be stored in the League Library, where they can be viewed online or downloaded.

Hi there island groovers,

In an effort to keep you up to date with DIL and other island news in a more timely manner, we will be posting short messages on this News page - a couple are already here. Posts will be kept to a minimum and will generally just alert you to new correspondence on various issues. All related files will be kept in the League Library, where they can be found, even after a topic has been resolved. All files in the Library are now able to be viewed online as well as downloaded.

If you missed the latest email from us, you won't yet know that the colour online edition of MM#69 is now available at the Mullet Mail page. You also won't know that the website has had a general update. The unused forum is now gone which means you only need to login to check up on your League membership.

If you experience any issues with the website, please contact us for assistance

Happy Saturday.