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News from DIL

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Stay up to date with issues currently on the DIL Agenda or in the general interest of the residents of Dangar Island.


All related files will be stored in the League Library, where they can be viewed online or downloaded.

Please follow the link here for an update on the IPART ferry survey that many of you completed. They are asking for more submissions by 5th November regarding the draft fare schedule for the next 4 years - please do take the time.

If, when talking amongst yourselves, you know of anyone who has not received emails from the League or this notification, and think they should or would like to, please direct them to me so that I may be able to help and resolve.

Hoping the weather isn't dampening your spirits too much.

Many thanks,

Genevieve for the League

My apologies to anyone who received multiple email notifications from the league news blog over the last few months. The problem was inconsistent across members and subscribers with some people receiving multiple notifications and some people received none. For this reason, it has taken some time to work out what the issue was (actually, we still don't really know) but the good people at Wix assure me it has been fixed.

We won't know until we try so here we are. Testing 1 2 3.

Hopefully, we have resumed normal transmission. If not, we'll just keep trying until we do.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.



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