Tips on Picking from the DIG garden

D.i.G is an organic veggie patch primarily created for the Dangar Island bowling club kitchen and local residents. Visitors are welcome to pick produce but the garden asks you to do so respectfully taking only the plants outer leaves and using the scissors provided in the plastic container on the potting table next to the compost bay.


ALSO please wash veg thoroughly before eating.

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The Tea Party was a great success and due to the generosity of the bakers and eaters of delicious delights, we were able to raise some much needed funds.

With those funds we will now be able to buy at least two new tumbler bins which will enable us to start taking food scraps from the club kitchen again. 

In other news, we have rat-proofed our compost bay and in-ground compost pots with chicken wire; we will be receiving another load of organic soil and; are looking at adding another water tank.

The additional funds (thanks again) will help us keep the garden going over winter and to prepare for spring planting.

Other plans are afoot for workshops in the garden and repair the bowling green seating.

'till next time.