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River Residents

As unique as Dangar Island is, it is fortunate to be surrounded by several other river communities which are just as unique. As a broader river community, each area benefits greatly from its neighbours.

Little Wobby

Nestled on the western edge of the southern-most peninsula of the Central Coast, Little Wobby is a thin line of residential houses across the river from Dangar Island and Brooklyn. Home to about 60 permanent residents and fluctuating weekenders, Little Wobby is another water access only settlement of the Hawkesbury River.

Cogra Bay &

Mullet Creek

On the northern side of the river, adjacent to the railway bridge, the U-shaped Cogra Bay, has about 60 lots, including 30 with homes. Further north, up the train line, along Mullet Creek are a handful of houses at the waters edge, of the Brisbane Waters National Park.

Most of these dwellings are weekenders, although about half a dozen "permanents" live in Cogra Bay, despite the variable access at low tide and lack of ferry services, power and water supply.


The Northern train line stops at Wondabyne on request, mostly for hikers on the Great North Walk or residents of Mullet Creek. The station is otherwise inaccessible by road.

Milsons Passage &

Milson Island

Backing onto Muogamarra Nature Reserve on the south side of the Hawkesbury, Milsons Passage is a small settlement of 40 homes with approximately 20 permanent residents. 


Milson Island has been used as a bacteriological station, quarantine station, a hospital to treat soldiers from WWI with venereal disease, mental hospital, a rehab for alcoholics, a women's jail, and these days, the Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre.


Brooklyn is the epi-centre of the lower Hawkesbury River communities. As a suburb, it is home to over 720 residents. As a port, it is where most Dangar Island and other river residents make landfall to connect with either road or rail, grab some supplies or catch up with friends.

Brooklyn has plenty to offer locals and visitors alike.

Link to: The Brooklyn Community Association

Mooney Mooney

& Cheero Point

On the northern side of the Hawkesbury River, Mooney Mooney, and Cheero Point occupy a corridor of land between the Old Pacific Highway and Mooney Mooney Creek.  On the western side of the peninsula, across the highway is Peat Island. Although the homes of these 400+ residents are also accessible by road, the use of the river and shared services, bring all the river communities together as it has in the past.


Link to:   Mooney & Cheero Progress Association.

Bar Point

Bar Point is a small water access only settlement, up river from Dangar Island, where Berowra Creek joins the Hawkesbury. It is home to approximately 90 people. The area has a number of heritage listed sites and is close to historic Bar Island and the HMS Parramatta shipwreck.

Link to: Bar Point Community Association

use the map to take a look around the lower Hawkesbury
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