Brooklyn Parking Plan 2022

The Council has agreed to postpone this item until the Council General Meeting scheduled for 10th August.


The league and BCA are in dialogue to present a  joint statement that the BCPM does not address the interests and needs of river communities, and has ignored our work over the last year toward thorough community engagement.

We will continue to update this page in the lead-up to and beyond the meeting on 10th August.


Below are documents created by the League ans well as documents relating to the Council General Meeting to be held on 10th August 2022.  The latter can also be found on the HSC website and they can both be found in the League Library.


All correspondence between DIL, BCA and HSC regarding the BCPM and the Brooklyn Place Plan can be found in the League Library> Brooklyn Parking and BPP or by clicking the button below.

DIL Notices

HSC documents