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Brooklyn Parking Plan 2022

The Dangar Parking Needs Survey has now closed.

We received 137 surveys for Dangar, 34 for Little Wobby, and 31 for the other river communities.
Thank you to all who participated, the final results are available below.

Comparative census data for Dangar Island from 2001 to 2021, as shown at the community meeting is also below.

The Hornsby Shire Council 'YourSay' Survey has also closed.

Thank you to all who participated, the submission made by the Dangar Island League is below. This letter, and its enclosures from the BMC and the CFRs can also be found in the League Library - click the button below.

There is a presentation below of the work of the Brooklyn-Hawkesbury Parking Collaboration (BHPC), including draft parking suggestions that have been submitted to Council. This work is ongoing, and we welcome your feedback.

Correspondence between DIL, BCA, BHPC and HSC regarding the Brooklyn Parking Plan can be found in the League   Library> Brooklyn Parking and BPP or by clicking the button below.

Dangar Island League Submission to HSC  (enclosures mentioned are available in the League library)

Brooklyn-Hawkesbury Parking Collaboration Draft

Dangar Island Parking Needs Survey Final Results.

HSC documents relating to Council General Meeting, 10th August 2022
These can also be found on the HSC website

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