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Upcoming events on

               Dangar Island

Dangar Island Bowling Club
Dangar Island Depot
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Queen Porter Stomp

Sunday 22nd March

Dangar Island Bowling Club

1.30pm - 4.00pm

For a while there, Queen Porter Stomp almost became the 'house band' for Dangar. Playing at regular parties on the island, most of us lucky enough to live on Dangar have enjoyed them at some point!
We are very excited that they are returning to the Club for the first show here since new year 2019.

Queen Porter Stomp use their dirty swamp magic to shirk those Prohibition blues – swinging skirts and scuffed shoes for hardwood and concrete dancefloors alike. This is jazz where swing is the key you play, Melody is your gypsy mistress, and signature is what you’re trying to avoid committing to paper until you have a shot of bootlegged whisky. They pack horns that scream straight into your soul, squeezed tight into a caravan they’ve taken up and down and through the smoke and mud of the festival circuit, supporting the hardened and never weary.

Queen Porter Stomp.jpg

Open Mic Night


3rd April

Dangar Island Bowling Club

The once a month gathering at the Dangar Island Bowling Club to play, perform, sing, dance, speak, laugh and share.


Curt Eller's American Circus


5th April

Dangar Island Bowling Club

Curtis Eller is a banjo player, songwriter and rock & roll singer. A twenty-year show business veteran, Eller and his band The American Circus have developed a devoted international following based on dynamic, highly physical stage performances and an extensive catalog of curious phonographic recordings. The iconoclastic musician has spent more than a decade relentlessly touring the club, theatre and festival stages of North America and Europe.

Eller is a gifted and prolific songwriter who's banjo-driven songs describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. The band is thrilled to announce the release of their latest and most ambitious full-length album, A Poison Melody, on which they have augmented their indelicate, rock & roll rhythms with a tempestuous cloud of horns and a graceless choir of backsliders in their quest to bring Eller's historically evocative compositions to vivid, cinematic life.


The Glorious Sousaphonics


7th June

Dangar Island Bowling Club

Sousaphonics are the funkiest brass ensemble in the state and they feature some of Sydney's greatest horn players. This will be a day to enjoy some craft beer, have a leisurely lunch and then boogie the afternoon away.
If the weather allows, the show will be outdoors - otherwise, the band will play inside our cosy club.
As always, the shows are free, but we ask that you drop what you can in 'The Hat' to go to the bands.

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