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Dangar Island
          Bin Street Art

Paul Taylor Bin Art mock-up.jpg

Paul Taylor has generously provided some art for the Dangar Island street (bin) art project. The mockup above shows three stickers - Yellow: ???? // Red: ???? // Green: Mystery Bay -  which you can purchase as a pack for $90 or $35 each if you would prefer to mix and match with other stickers.


There is a run of 30 only of each sticker, so if you would like to buy them for your bins, get onto it. All proceeds from the sale of these stickers will be divided equally for donation to D.I.G. and Campfire in the Heart in Alice Springs

For sales, please contact Judi at

If you would like to put some art forward for the Dangar Island street (bin) art project, please contact Genevieve at

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