The Guide to Historic Dangar - a new edition!

Hopefully you'll have already received an invitation in

your mail box …..

The Dangar Island Historical Society is pleased to

announce the publication of the new edition of the Guide

to Historic Dangar Island, to be launched alongside the

AGM on Saturday 8th December in the Community


Last published in 2000, the new edition has been

completely revised with significantly more information

and twice the number of photographs and images.

They will be available at launch for $8 per copy.

Refreshments and nibbles will be provided.

We are justifiably proud of the enormous amount of

work that has gone into producing this Guide Book. So

come along, bring your neighbours, and buy your copy

… every Dangar Island home should have one!

Subsequently they will be available from the Dangar

Island Depot/Shop and on the Riverboat Postman for $10

each. Copies will also be available by post in quantities

of 5 or

more - place your order by email to the secretary,

Judith Doyle

Dangar Island Historical Committee

It’s a GREAT read …. EVERY HOME



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