President's Report - Autumn 2019

Welcome to autumn Dangar Islanders, and the end of the hottest summer on record - surely those that deny have exhausted their credibility by now.

The League has had an uncharacteristically busy summer period, with many issues on the boil, and increased interest in our little patch from government representatives both State and Federal. Not to mention the continuing interactions - both positive and not so positive - with Council. A quick summary:

Brooklyn planning. Council has terminated the master planning process, and instead intends to make more incremental change. See council/ noticeboard/news/new-direction-for-brooklyn-improvements. At a meeting of 7 March of the Brooklyn Community Reference Group, Council presented some interesting slides on on ideas from the master-planning process.. Notable was the absence of any acknowledgement of the existence of the BMC. We have an assurance from Council that we will be consulted prior to any decisions re changes at Brooklyn. As part of this new planning process, David Johnston Council's Strategic Place Manager, has agreed to come to the Island to discuss planning for Brooklyn, the new planning process and how Dangar residents will be included. For your diaries, the meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday evening, 10 April at 7.00pm in the Dangar Island Bowling Club. Brooklyn planning will be a major focus for the League over the coming months.

NBN. See Trevor’s separate article.

Opal card. Through Matt Kean we have approached Transport for NSW about the opportunity for inclusion of the Dangar Island Ferry in the Opal card system (and most importantly for its inclusion under the daily/weekly cap system). The response was disappointing, factually incorrect and seemed not to grasp our issues. We will wait until the dust settles on the election and have another crack at this during the second quarter of this year.

Road maintenance. We were hoping to get grading and rolling of the unsealed sections onto the regular maintenance schedule rather than having to constantly lobby Council. This proposal was not supported by Council. Our next approach will be to seek a commitment from Council for regular scheduled inspections (with a community member), so that we do not have to continue to be the squeaky wheel.

Toilet block. Matt Kean was looking for projects on the Island to fund, and we suggested an upgrade of the toilet block - nothing fancy, just a refurbishment to the Brooklyn standard that would make it easier to clean. Council has supported the proposal. We will talk to Matt now he has been re-elected on how to proceed with this project.

Waste Management. Chris Horsey from HSC braved our DIL general meeting of 9 March to talk turkey on waste. Thanks to Chris and all islanders who came along and participated. He explained the constraints and the contract ins and outs, and promised to come back with options to workshop with the community. We will be following this one up with Chris.

Street lighting. Ausgrid are changing the street lights to LED. This means they will be brighter. Judith Doyle is pursuing this one - trying to get hoods on the lights that shine into people’s houses. But if affected, you need to act now. Contact Judith the with pole number if you think it needs a hood. And contact Ausgrid directly - the more representations they get, the more likely we are of success.

The wharf. Oh dear. The community managed to get NSW Police, Maritime and Council well and truly off side on this one. The western side of the wharf is now reserved for emergency vehicles and loading/unloading only, and the two spots on the east have reverted back to 1hr mooring. Trevor and I tried our darndest to negotiate a more sensible solution, but given recent mooring behaviours, our store of goodwill was empty.

Website. Genevieve is in the process of upgrading our website. It will be far more interactive, up to date, and generally fabulous. We are even thinking about having the Mullet Mail ‘online’ - with articles posted as they come in. Then maybe a bumper ‘best of’ in print once a year. Happy to get your thoughts on this. And while on the website:

A huge thanks to Andy Payne for his selfless maintenance and management of the site over many years. Much love and luck to him, Vanessa and the kids with the move to Adelaide. Remember, you can say no to visitors, and you will be welcomed back to the Island with open arms at any time. Cheers to all,

Vanessa O’Keefe

DIL President

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