Mullet Team

The Mullet Mail has been in print for 20 years.

In the year 2000, Michael Bourchier was president of the DI League, when the title Mullet Mail (MM) first appeared on our community newsletters.

In 2001, Jenny Shanley was approached to bring her enduring visual design style to the publication. Jenny approached renowned artist resident Heather Dorrough to create our lively masthead mullets.

Heather was in charge of printing and deliveries. With no postboxes at the shop, each MM found the way to your front door via bush-bashing volunteers. Face to face delivery was an opportunity to interact with each other and residents were always delighted to see what news the MM contained.

The creator role passed from Jenny Shanley to Cybele Shorter to Mel Anderson and then most recently Marina Garvey. The editions have continued to evolve over the years, reaching the growing community with our news and views.

With concern that printing was becoming unaffordable last year, our little publication came under threat of going fully digital. However with some financial support from community groups, as well as a few of our favourite tradies, we are going to stay in print.

Taking the MM forward we have a big team of diversely skilled and enthusiastic members. Thank you especially to Marina, for her delightful touch in her time holding the MM baton; we are really glad you are staying on as part of the team.

We have a new email address [mullet mail 2020 @ gmail . com]and keep an eye out for more interactive and digital content to compliment the printed MM. Tell us your ideas for stories and content we could explore next year. Mostly, please continue to send in your writings and photographs to express our unique community and share this beautiful place.

It is our Mullet Mail.

We make it together.

Cybele Shorter, Editor in Chief

This publication was sponsored by the Dangar Island League and the Dangar Island Rural Fire Brigade.

After reading your printed copy, place at the Depot or Bowlo for redistribution.

Next MM issue:

March 2021

Contributions: mullet mail 2020 @ gmail . com

Deadline February 26th