Memories of Dangar...

Memories of Dangar.....

Hearing the 6 o’clock ferry and knowing I can sleep for another hour

Six king parrots on the railing, one of them bright yellow

The scuttle of the water dragon across the deck, coming for tidbits

The rhythmic plop-plop-plop of oars from a passing dory

Shadows of the railway bridge on moonlit water

Brumm-brumm-brumm-brumm – the tawny frogmouth in the tree at night

Being aware of the tide coming in and going out, the splash of the ferry wash on the beach

Mist filling the valley in the early morning, tumbling over the ridges

Raking up leaves, sticks and bark and being startled as a kookaburra dives on a worm just a finger length in front of your hand

The train snaking along Mullet Creek then bursting onto the bridge and rattling across before silently disappearing

Fishing for bream from our jetty and catching an octopus, cutting the line when it wrapped its tentacles tightly around the pier

An early morning dinghy revving up as it passes – shift worker?

Climbing into our little tinnie, heading first towards Mullet Creek and as the revs increase swinging east towards Wobby Beach and on down the river

Carrying shopping bags up from the Public Wharf, magpies chortling in the trees

Being recognised as “Gerry’s cousin and his partner” – which one is your cousin?

Doing a “lap” of Riverview Avenue and seeing the grass trees in flower, the lorikeets chirping as they feed

Bradleys Beach with all those little balls of sand rolled up by tiny crabs, who sometimes wave claws in unison

Scraping away a few leaves and seeing the rock carvings left by the old people

Lying on the jetty just after dusk and trying to see satellites and identify constellations

Stunning sunsets over Muagomarra, jets leaving trails in the orange sky

Friendly islanders passing on local knowledge and contacts, stopping for a chat at the shop or along the road

This special place was our sanity break from the Inner West and busy lives for around two decades. Thanks to all of you for sharing this sanctuary with us, while we quietly came and went. We have promised to come back from time to time, but that may be unsettling because the magic spell has been broken. Someone else will call our cosy little house their home. We will look back with fond memories from our new home beside the rainforest in Cairns.

Ciao Andy and Pete