By Brenda Hall

Our team of active CFRs has tripled in size thanks to the addition of 8 new recruits.

Graduation day on 8th November. Far left back row Matt.

Front row from left: Natalie, David, Helen, Sofan, Richenda and Liz.

(Adair not pictured)

In the row behind the graduates you can see most of the faces of our team of NSW Ambulance educators who coached the trainees through four successive weekends of arduous training towards examination passes for all. Some of these educators have been working with us since the very beginning of the CFR unit in 2014. They are all fabulous, dedicated people and we greatly appreciate the support they give us, not just in training our new members but in maintaining our skills with a 3-hour session every month.

Judy has posted more photos on Facebook. You can follow us on @dangarislandCFR.

Over the longer summer evenings, you may see us out and about around the park, the wharf or the CFR shed running practice scenarios to ease our new graduates into the peculiarities of operation on Dangar Island. There are some things they just don’t prepare us for at the Point Clare Ambulance Station … like starting MERV in the dark or being attacked by mosquitos. Which is why rechargeable head torches and Rid insect spray were included in every new graduate’s welcome bag!

Apart from the mozzies, beware summer snakes, spiders and sting-rays.

Stay well.