DI League

Well thank god 2020 is almost done! While there have been difficulties with fires and pandemic there have also been some positive changes.

The club is reopening with music and film, the garden is booming, the café is humming and the river just keeps flowing. The NBN is up and running and for most, but not all, it's been a positive experience. For those of you who have not been in touch with the league to let us know if you have issues, please do so if you have a problem. We can try to help but some of the technical issues are only able to be solved by the NBN. Please note that the NBN is required to provide 20MBps download speed and we are aware for some that is not happening.

The Telstra public meeting was informative and Telstra have just responded to our request for an update to let us know that they are negotiating with Hornsby Shire Council to place a 25 metre tower at the back of the club. See their message on the League website. Once they submit a Development Application then there will be a further opportunity for community feedback.

Council’s Draft Car Parking Management Strategy is nowhere near the final position of council or any implementation of an actual policy. We have been in communication with the Brooklyn Community Association and other River community organisations and the local business network and hope to get council on side to facilitate a process for the affected communities to sort out the parking situation in Brooklyn. This is an issue that's been going for 30 odd years and has only become more urgent with the increased number of people permanently living on the river, and the surge in day visitors. It is our view that without a consensus between all the affected communities, we will continue to struggle to get any resolution to the problem. Parking is without doubt a tricky issue with multiple stakeholders many of whom have different wants and needs. We think a process that brings the various groups together to understand each other's perspectives and each other's needs stands a far better chance of reaching the kind of solutions that we want and need.

Again, when we are in a position to let you know what is happening we will do so by e-mail and on the website.

On behalf of everyone on the league we wish you and your families a happy and safe festive season.