Dangar Island Bowling Club President’s Report October 2019

As I reflect on the club’s operations for the last 12 months, the most praiseworthy feature has been the energy and commitment of the board and the club’s employees. A huge thank you to you all.

Our position at the moment is really quite sound, although of course, money issues remain a cause of concern.

We have been fortunate this year to have Matt Carter on the board. He has managed an admirable task in bringing our finances to compliance up to and including the current financial year. This outcome would have been unachievable for a person without Matt’s expertise. It is a huge relief to the board to have rectified our finances so successfully.

Another energetic board member whose work this year must be highlighted is Karen Walsh, who in addition to other worthwhile things has managed to wrangle our membership database into a workable form. We will continue to use this database to better manage memberships. Barstaff will have a list of current members and the board will continue to remind, particularly locals, whose membership may not be current. Locals paying for membership is a valuable source of revenue which helps our club continue to operate. Remember that, as a licensed venue, membership of the club is required for patrons who can’t sign in as a visitor from outside the 5 km radius. Karen is resigning her position on the board for the next year as her career takes her to Darwin for the next little while. We wish her every success in this exciting role.

A big thanks is also due for the energy of Garreth Tillson who has implemented two powerful innovations in the club within the last 12 months. The first of these is the new POS system which speeds up communication between the bar and the kitchen. We hope that as we further refine this system we can speed up service in our busiest times. In addition Garreth put together the metal shed which houses our freezer. This innovation answers concerns of health inspectors and brings the frozen food into a more accessible spot nearer the kitchen. A huge thank you is owing to Karen who generously paid for the shed.

Steve Griffiths is another board member whose energy and hard work continues to benefit the club and its patrons. The organisation which he devotes to our monthly Sunday arvo music sessions is remarkable. The acts we get to enjoy at our little club are fantastic. A powerful example of the benefit this hard work brings to our club was evident last Sunday when our best ever day’s trading occurred as Browns Cows provided the musical accompaniment to a very successful Oktoberfest celebration. Steve also organised the crowd funding money which has already been spent on replacing our air conditioners. It is timely to remember this innovation as the warmer months loom upon us.

Of course the other 3 directors Alec, Michael and Tom have done a significant amount of work, serving, cooking and tidying up. When elections are conducted on Saturday 19 October other members of the club are encouraged to stand for positions on the board. Unfortunately there is no payment applicable but it is a strong way to support our “Greatest Little Club on the Hawkesbury”.

The Dangar Island Gardeners are a wonderful group to be affiliated with. It is a marvellous way to foster community and the fresh greens Sharon gets to incorporate into food from the kitchen is a fantastic thing. DIG are warmly congratulated on their work and the excellent celebration/ fund-raiser held on the long weekend Monday.

I want to take a moment to thank our recently retired longest serving club employee Kym Thornton. Kym is added to our list of life members for her excellent work at the club which extends for over 18 years. We wish her all the best for her retirement.

Sharon’s great work and fantastic organisation in the kitchen surely rates a big congratulations. We are most appreciative of the great food she always prepares and for the timely manner in which meals are prepared. The cleanliness of the kitchen is also a wonder to behold, particularly for those of us with a long association with the club.

Angela Brinn has assumed the role as part time manager and we are very grateful for the work she is doing. Her capacity to take over from Sharon means the kitchen operates seamlessly if Sharon is on leave. Leanne, Paul and Ben are also thanked most warmly for their hard work, commitment and friendliness.

I also want to particularly thank Fiona Mullen for her continued hard work managing the bookwork, paying bills and keeping a steady hand on the tiller of the club’s finances. Thanks Fiona.

Our patrons are the strength of our outfit and we thank them for their ongoing support.

Ours is a bowling club and I would like to extend an invitation to visitors and locals to enjoy a chance to bowl. The usual suspects who bowl every Sunday are always more than happy to get newcomers started so head down and try your hand sometime. Thanks again to our unpaid green-keeper Matt Johnson.

Tom Garvey

President and Licensee