Autumn D.I.G update

Wow what an amazing six months! The garden’s been humming over summer with bumper crops of basil, cucumber & pumpkins! So proud of the efforts of the DiG mob who’ve stuck with it & our wonderful island community for being so supportive and welcoming this crazy little venture into their midst.

Many hands make light(er) work so thank you to all who have volunteered over the months to weed & water, hammer, lug, haul soil & boats. We now have two huge compost bays simmering away nicely taking the Bowling Club’s kitchen and the Dangar Island Depot’s scraps & coffee grounds. It’s so great to be able to close the loop and recycle and up-cycle as much island waste as we possibly can and prevent it from ending up in landfill. Thanks too to all the wonderful islanders dropping off eggshells and coffee grounds regularly it’s amazing! Hopefully as the garden grows we’ll be able expand to process even more island household waste.

Don’t forget to check out our monthly DiG WISHLIST on the DiG Facebook page and keep an eye out for our new noticeboard and signage happening over the next few months plus we LOVE volunteers so if you’d like to be involved just email contact details to Janel – We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Margie Tillson for her fabulous contribution in getting DiG up off the ground. Margie’s beautiful positive energy and enthusiasm and general brilliance will be sorely missed as she leaves us to juggle a very full work/life balance. So this means DiG's looking for a general admin & events organisery type person - its totally a shared role amongst a few of us but would be great to have another bod on board to help wrangle the general adminy-type running of things and maybe help with a bit of creative planning & promoting fundraisers, working bees etc. So if you're the kind of person that wants to volunteer and not get their hands too dirty and who doesn't run a mile when someone says "let's have a cake stall... or a party!" then this could be for you! The garden has been especially keen to incorporate our island and river artists in its planning and layout. We’ve been so lucky to have some of our talented creatives lending their skill & vision to the look & feel of the garden space including the multi-talented Rachel Shields who continues to inspire with her wisdom and knowledge and who so generously donated her time to run a wonderful Seasonal Calendar workshop giving all proceeds from the day to the community garden – thank you so much Rachel & all those who attended - your donation paid for much needed straw, seedlings and fertilizer. And of course the amazing Ana Pollak who is running a regular botanical drawing and carving workshop free of charge every Sunday from 10 am at the beautiful old eucalypt stump next to the compost bay… transcribing and embellishing this stately old grandmother tree with discreet carvings taken from drawings of plants in the garden created by the kids (& adults) who come along. So much to look forward as we head into March and as the weather gets cooler the garden will change with soil to prepare and winter seedlings to plant. Looking forward to an exciting and productive 2019!

Happy Gardening everyone!