A Feathery Tale

Those of us lucky enough to live on Dangar Island know what a special and beautiful natural environment we have at our doorstep. There is always something new to learn about the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

Caleb Ley, one of Dangar Island’s younger residents is a budding naturalist with many interesting insights into our local natural environment especially the birdlife. Very recently he introduced me to Lorrie the Lorikeet, a baby lorikeet whose flight feathers are slow in developing. Caleb with the help of his grandparents, Graham and Janet, have been giving Lorrie a bit of extra TLC in the hope that he will get strong enough so that he can fly. Caleb has looked closely at the shape of Lorrie’s feathers and thinks he is a boy and explains that Lorrie has a box he climbs into when it is cold but otherwise lives in a bush in Graham and Janet’s garden. Keeping him safe from cats is a big challenge.