The Dangar Island CPA would like to thank The Dangar Island Depot for their help in making the collection of articles so much easier for everyone on Dangar. We would also like to thank customers for your understanding and patience when collecting parcels from The Depot and particularly when they are busy.

If you are aware that you have or are expecting parcels, please pick them up as soon as you can. This helps greatly with the very limited space that is available for storage, especially coming up to Christmas. Conversely, if you receive an electronic notification that you have received a package, please ensure that it does say ‘Awaiting Collection Dangar Island’. You will need to check your mailbox for the collection slip. The staff at The Depot need this collection slip to give you your parcel/s. If you have any queries or problems that are related to the post, please speak to us (Lars and Kim), not the staff at The Depot. My number is on the collection slip.

Again, a thanks to everyone that helps make the continued mail service viable and as efficient as possible for the island. Wishing everyone a really safe and happy Christmas and a wonderful new year…looking forward to 2021!

A big shout out to our fabulously fantastic postie, Jann (give her a big thanks the next time you see her!) and everyone on the Riverboat Post who always deliver our mail with a smile.

Dangar Island Community Postal Agency